What are the areas we cover in UAE?
We cover the whole country from Abu Dhabi to Umm al-Quwain, we have an office and a warehouse in each emirate.
Can we buy a vending machine from Healthy Cravings?
Of course you can, we have both sales and rental programs.
How many times do you fill the machine per week?
We fill our machines with the highest quality products on a daily basis. We are also responsible for all the services related to the machine, including cleaning, servicing, money collection, etc.

What happens if the product got stuck and did not dispense?
In case the product was not dispensed, the machine will not credit the amount, which means you will lose nothing. You can also call us on the mobile number shown on the machine, and we will send a person to give you your stuck product. 

What happens in case of a machine breakdown?
In the unlikely event of a machine breakdown, our maintenance team will fix the machine within 24 hours. In addition, we conduct maintenance service once per month on our machines to keep them running without problems.